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Charities Sector

We are very pleased to be involved with a number of charities in Scotland. We tend to be viewed as a support arm to their marketing and events departments. Our purpose and reason for working with these charities is to raise funds for them.

Our creativity and tenacity sets us apart from most other companies. We find unique ways of involving many in the spirit of the charity and create an exciting platform for the charities to generate funds. Our proven methods have raised thousands of pounds of over the years and have established lesser known charities within the mainstream.

To find out more about how Madison3 can help your charity make a name for itself, contact us now and we can start our fundraising immediately.


Experience tells us that by involving as many people as possible in your charity, we can deliver massive results.

Funds are raised through organised events. This is where our creativity comes in. Yes, we can organise your annual gala dinner event. Please be aware that it may be held in a venue that you may never have thought of! We can guarantee that the larger events will be remembered for years to come.

However, we also focus on the smaller events which evoke participation. This could be anything from business breakfasts/lunches, sports competitions, dance competitions, team tag events, real-life monopoly, battle re-enactments, art exhibitions, and so much more.

We have incredible reach at Madison3. We are able to think of the unthinkable and then go on to deliver it professionally. No mistakes. No upsets. No hassle. We simply undertake to generate funds for your charity. For more information, please check out our Event Management pages or contact us directly for an informal discussion.


We work very closely with many larger companies who are always looking for sponsorship opportunities. They look for events that they can promote themselves, through a worthy charity in Scotland.

Charity fundraising/sponsorship is one of the most difficult part of any charity’s work. Without corporate sponsorship and active fundraising, charities would find it difficult to perform their much needed services to those who need it the most. It is a vital part of charitable work in Scotland and awareness of Social Responsibility is gaining ground. By involving larger firms in a charity’s fundraising efforts, we are also involving the general public. Groups AND individuals, leading to a wider participation.

Sponsorship is not always about the money, however. Intelligent sponsorship would also involve the media and other organisations who would be willing to support your charity through promotion. There are many TV and radio stations who get their sleeves rolled up; newspapers and magazines are always willing to help; media marketing companies, like Madison3, can always come up with great ideas to push your charity’s word throughout the social medium spectrum. Airtime gets your charity known and this has huge value.

Contact us today and we can share our thoughts on how we can raise your profile whilst raising funds!